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Astro AVL has a staff of experienced and knowledgeable service technicians. Specializing in DJ and vintage gear, they can help you save money by repairing any professional audio, video, or lighting equipment. Astro AVL also offers an array of unique customizations and upgrades for many brands and models. Come by or call with any questions. Big or small, Astro AVL does it all!

Master Technician: Robert (left) | Master Technician: Danilo (right)

Astro AVL is able to diagnose and quote the amplifier repair for most damages. Our store and technicians use genuine components and will match output transistors to existing ones to ensure longivity of the repair. Astro AVL's technicians remove dust particles from the entire unit (i.e.: filters, fans, casing, boards) and performs electrical safety processes to ensure quality of the repair.

Astro AVL's Master Technicians have over 15 years of experience in restoring and reparing amplifiers.  Astro AVL is cerfified in repairing big name brands such as Crown, QSC, Mackie, and Crest Audio.

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