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Quality AV equipment rental or audio video equipment rental is required by DJs for events and concerts. Astro AVL is the right place to get the best Audio equipment rental in Los Angeles and South California area.

All the top brands that represent the best in the industry are available at Astro AVL and  AV equipment rental at the web store is very cost effective. Advanced equipment such as mixers that DJs need to synchronize audio and video output and mixers which can mix up to four sources simultaneously are available with features such as fading and equalization available on all four channels. Mixers can also have sound-only or visual-only control for creative mixing according to the individual style of the DJ or VJ.

If you need Audio Video Vequipment rental in Los Angeles or South California area, Astro AVL is the best online store to get it.  Top brands in professional video and audio equipment such as Pioneer, JBL Professional, Hosa Technology, Mackie, Shure are showcased and almost all professional DJ and VJ equipment is available on rent and can also be bought here at great highly discounted prices.

 Your chosen company Astro AVL for Audio Equipment rental Los Angeles offers Audio equipment such as CDJ, Equalizers, Amps, Mixers, Microphones, Speakers of the best brands and models that you can choose from as per your need.

Your chosen company Astro AVL for Video Equipment rental Los Angeles offers Video equipment such as Cameras, Screens, Mixers, Displays and  Projectors of the best brands and models that you can choose from as per your need.

You can also get professional advice and assistance from a highly talented and experienced team of Astro AVL regarding features of different models and brands of audio and video equipment so that it is not difficult to choose the best and the most appropriate audio or video equipment.

The best and cheapest audio equipment rental Los Angeles and Video equipment rental Los Angeles are available with Astro AVL alone!

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  1. American DJ Event Facade BL II

    Regular Price: $439.95

    Sales Price $319.99

  2. american-dj-adj-mct-rl300-main

    Regular Price: $1,159.95

    Sales Price $829.99

  3. american-dj-adj-av6rb1-main

    Regular Price: $279.95

    Sales Price $199.99

  4. EIKI EIP-WX5000
  5. eiki-ek-101x-entry-series-projector-main
  6. Eiki Projector Mount
  7. roland-vr-4hd-main
  8. hosa-nff-339-main

    Regular Price: $5.95

    Sales Price $3.50

  9. hosa-nrf-355-main

    Regular Price: $3.00

    Sales Price $2.00

  10. hosa-nsr-381-main

    Regular Price: $9.30

    Sales Price $6.20

  11. hosa-hdma-415-main

    Regular Price: $25.45

    Sales Price $16.95

  12. hosa-nbr-271-main

    Regular Price: $4.95

    Sales Price $3.10

  13. hosa-svc-105au-main
  14. hosa-nbn-302-main
  15. hosa-svc-110au-main

    Regular Price: $12.75

    Sales Price $8.50

  16. hosa-vcc-302-main

    Regular Price: $23.85

    Sales Price $15.90

  17. hosa-yvg-449-main
  18. hosa-nbf-354-main

    Regular Price: $5.95

    Sales Price $3.50

  19. hosa-nrf-292-main

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19 Item(s)

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