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SALES - JBL Professional

SALES - JBL Professional

The work done during the mid-fifties on theater systems provided the basis for a major thrust into the professional sound business in general. The first area to be pursued by the company was that of studio monitor systems. During the early 1960's, JBL worked closely with Capitol Records to design a basic monitor system, the 4320, which put JBL into the monitor business in a big way. Through Capitol Records' International connections, JBL became the standard monitor of the worldwide Electrical and Musical Industries Company (EMI) of England. These early designs and extensions of the basic technology made JBL a leading supplier of monitors worldwide.

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  1. JBL EON610-CVR Speaker Cover

    Regular Price: $69.99

    Sales Price $39.00

  2. jbl-eon610-bag-main

    Regular Price: $109.99

    Sales Price $69.99

  3. JBL-PRX415M-1200W-15_inch-2_way-Passive-Loudspeaker-Front-Right
  4. jbl-control-26c-main

    Regular Price: $174.00

    Sales Price $135.00

  5. jbl-srx815-15-two-way-bass-reflex-passive-system-main

    Regular Price: $1,249.00

    Sales Price $739.49

  6. jbl-srx812-12-two-way-bass-reflex-passive-system-main

    Regular Price: $1,124.00

    Sales Price $665.54

  7. JBL-VRX-SMAF-Frame-for-VRX928LA-and-VRX915S-arrays

    Regular Price: $829.00

    Sales Price $629.00

  8. JBL-SS3BK-41-inch-Speaker-Pole-for-JRX-PRX-EON-MRX

    Regular Price: $64.00

    Sales Price $54.95

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8 Item(s)

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