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Novation Launchpad MIDI Controller

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Novation Launchpad MIDI Controller

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Product Description

Launchpad is a dedicated controller for Ableton Live, co-developed by Novation and Ableton. Perfect for DJing, performing live or working in the studio, Launchpad features a multi-color, 64-button grid, control modes for the Session View and Live's mixer, two fully-programmable User Modes and dedicated scene-launch/function buttons. Despite the big grid, Launchpad is neat, compact and portable: 239 x 239 mm with a slim 24 mm profile and weighing only 717 g.

Four Operating Modes:

- Session Mode for controlling clips in Ableton Live's Session View
- Mixer Mode for controlling Live's mixer
- Two User Modes for custom device control and configuration

Big Grid

Launchpad features a multi-color, 64-button grid for launching clips plus eight dedicated scene-launch buttons. The buttons are lit by LEDs displaying clip status so you can see at a glance what's loaded (orange), what's playing (green), and what's being recorded (red).

Compact, Portable

Despite the big grid, Launchpad is compact and portable: it'll fit in your bag for gigs and won't hog your desk space in the studio. It's slim, sturdy, weighs less than a hardback book and it's USB powered, so there's no power adapter to drag around.

Innovative Mixer Control

In Mixer Mode, the rows and columns of the grid become virtual faders, sliders and knobs controlling track volume, pan, sends, mute, solo, Clip Stop Buttons and record arm, depending on the function selected. Use the scene launch/mixer function buttons to select the function you want to control.


The two fully-customizable User Modes transform the grid into a drum pad controller, DJ effect controller or anything else you can think of. The default state for User Mode 1 provides drum pad control for Live's Drum Racks--great for sketching out beats. Using Live's simple MIDI mapping, it's easy to create custom control environments, whatever devices you're using and however your Live Sets are configured.

Made for Max for Live

The User Modes make Launchpad the ideal hardware counterpart for Max for Live. Launchpad is flexible enough to deal with even the most detailed Max for Live devices and can handle generic parameters and controls with ease. Eleven LED states provide visual feedback that's precise enough for complex devices. Launchpad users will soon be able to download a Max for Live step sequencer patch from Novation and more Max for Live patches are planned for the future.

Communication Goes Both Ways

Live and Launchpad are in a constant, two-way, hardware-software dialog. The back-lit grid buttons show what's happening in Live and Live, in turn, shows which section of the Session View is currently under Launchpad control: a red border around the current clip group lets you see where you are with a just a cursory glance at your screen.

Navigating the Session View

Obviously, you're not limited to controlling only 64 clips. The arrow buttons move the grid up, down, left and right one track or scene at a time. Hold down the 'Session' button in Session Mode, and you can use the arrow keys to jump eight tracks or rows at a time--very useful for navigating around large, complex Live Sets.

More Buttons? More Launchpads

Want more buttons? Launchpads are designed to work together, with up to six units at once. That's more than 400 assignable buttons! Launchpads running on the same system can run in different modes, so you can control the Session View, mixer and custom setups all at once, with one Launchpad for each.

Hardware plus software: Ableton Live 8 Launchpad Edition
Launchpad comes with a custom-tailored software package: Ableton Live 8 Launchpad Edition. This features eight audio and eight MIDI tracks plus eight Session View scenes. It also includes Live's classic effects and even allows custom mapping, making it a basic but adequate out-of-the-box solution for studio and stage. To see the differences between this version of Live and the full version of Ableton Live 8, please check this feature comparison chart.

Launchpad and Max for Live
Max is a visual programming environment which allows you to custom build instruments and effects. Ableton announced 'Max for Live' when they launched Live 8. This means that Max and Ableton are now integrated, so you can build your own instruments (or tweak other people's) within Live.

Launchpad can be used to control these instruments. For example, parameters on Max for Live's step sequencer can be triggered using Launchpad's buttons. Launchpad gives you a huge amount of visual feedback. Multiple colours and brightnesses across different buttons display visual information about whether the note is on, the velocity, note length, pitch, and whatever else you want to see!


Additional Information

Condition Discontinued
Brand Novation
UPC/SKU 815301000822
Item Weight (lbs.) 15.4 ozs
Shipping Weight (lbs.) 1.1000
Item Dimensions (W x L x H) 6.5" x 2.4" x 9.5"
Shipping Dimensions (W x L x H) 7" x 10" x 3"
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom

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